The most popular town along the Romantic Route, Rothenburg s perfect example of Gothic town, that look exactly like a couple hundred years ago. The idyllic location that was a set for numerous movies.

The town is surrounded by the medieval wall with several towers and four main gates which were only a little damaged during the WWII, but restored carefully later.
Even before the war Americans were aware of historic valour of the town, and in 1950′s American soldiers and their families became the first tourist in Rothenburg and other towns on the trail called Romantic Route. Still majority of the visitors came form US and the growing number from Japan.
For guests await luxury hotels in historical buildings, several museums and popular feasts and events. The most famous is Meistertrunk during which attendants drink to memory Burgmeister Nush , who became famous after drinking 3,5 liters tankard of wine in one draft in 1631. By doing this he won the bet against the enemy commander and saved the town from the occupation. The most important from the churches is the one dedicated to St. Jacob (St. Jakobskirche). The church features Gothic altar and unique cross – containing capsule with Holy Blood, a precious relics in Middle Ages. Anothe Gothic altar with stigmata of St.Francis is preserved in Franziskanerkirche.
There are also the buildings of former Dominican nunnery with several old rooms of the convent to see and Reichsstadtmuseum (Imperial City Museum) with an interesting collection of Europena paintings.
Another museum is quite unique in Europe – Kriminalmuseum (Criminal Museum). It displays tools for torturing and imprisonment from various centuries. It occupies the structure of former order of the Johannites.
The twin town hall is not exactly twin as it consists of two buildings built in different styles. The younger, Renaissance one replaced the old building destroyed by the fire. To prevent such accidents in the future the guards control the situation from the tower surmounting old town hall ad ring the bell every quarter. The tower features splendid views on the town and surroundings.