With over two millenia of its history, Augsburg is one of the oldest municipalities in Germany. The old city preserved its Medieval character and makes a worth visiting stop on the Romantic Road as well as the obligatory destination to fans of classical music.

The city was founded in 15 BC according to will of Emperor Augustus and soon became the capital of the Roman province Rhetia. It was located along the North-South trail to Italy through the nearby Alpine passes. In Augsburg meet two rivers Wertach and Lech and it is easy to cross them there while going from East to West. The trails evolved into the trade routes that brough the prosperity to Augsburg. It became an important Medieval trade town with large production of textiles and later, the seat of goldsmiths and jewelers. One of the richest merchants of the 16th century Jacob Fugger became immortal by establishing the social enclave for poor people. 52 houses were built in 1516-25 forming so called Fuggerei, that exists at present time as a pension house with the fee, that was unchanged from the beginning and is as high as one mark ( euro). The city wealth attracted many of mercenaries and it was plundered during various occasions, the worse happened during the Swedish occupation in the time of Thirty Years’ War.
After the plagues following the war and political changes on German territory Augsburg lost its importance, jet today with almost 300 000 habitants is still a big city, the third one in Bavaria.
To see here is the birth house of Bertold Brech and Mozarthaus the house of Mozart family ( birthplace of Leopold Mozart) the second one is turned into the museum of two composers Leopold and his son Wolfgang Amadeus. The music lovers have another reason to visit the city – annual festival of Mozart Music held in August. The nearby Maximillianstrasse is considered to be among nicests streets in Suthern Germany with numerous boutique shops, galleries and open-air restaurants. The cathedral Dom St.Maria features the oldest stained-glass windows in the world. Worth having a look are also the splendid interiors of Rathaus, the town hall built in 1620, possible to visit during the guided tour.
There are plenty of picturesque hotels and restaurant in Augsburg capable to accommodate large number of tourists, who often stop here while following the Romantic Road leading from Wurzburg to Neuschwanstein.
Golden Hall in the town hall Siegfried Kerpf, Regio Augsburg, Tourismus GmbH