For those who are unaware, Oktoberfest is an annual fest that takes place in Munich, Germany. Lasting for about 116 to 18 days, this fest starts in the last week of September and goes on till the second week of October. With the tag of being the world’s largest festival, it accounts for almost 5 million people attending it every year.

The history of Oktoberfest initiates to way back in the 19th century. It first took place in the year 1810 and has been a regular part of Munich’s culture ever since then. The date-system of this festival works on the fact that it should end on the first Monday of October. Beer, which is brewed up within the limits of the city of Munich, is used up in the festival and that beer is categorized as Oktoberfest beer. Huge quantities are supplied all over the city of Munich during these 16 days. For instance, in 2007, as much as 7 million liters of beer was provided to 5 million people participating in this gracious fest. Apart from beer, there are different varieties of food articles served to people imported from other countries. For instance, chicken from India, roast pork and grilled ham are some of the common varieties of food offered in the festival all through the 16 days.

The festival was put to halt was during and around the I World war. While among 1914 to 1918, the war took place, the country experienced high inflationary stage during 1923 and 1924. Since then, the festival is said to have been put on halt for about 24 times due to reasons like war and other emergencies in the country.